Dr. Yip’s signature YMD Melasma Program is first of its kind in the treatment of melasma and other skin blemishes. It brilliantly employs the Lutronic Spectral Laser and other comprehensive skin enhancement treatments in a subtle and effective manner that brings about magical improvements on melasma. The YMD Melasma Program boasts an unprecedented success rate, minimal downtime, and minimal discomfort.

For years, Dr. Yip has put smiles back on the faces of many unfortunate ones who have been inflicted with melasma. In most, the improvements have been significant. Quite remarkably, the YMD Melasma Program can even bring about significant improvements on faces that have had multiple failed treatments in the past. In most likelihood, the YMD Melasma Program can help to restore your skin to its natural lustre and luminance.

On successful completion of the YMD Melasma Program, a comprehensive maintenance program will be used to keep the skin in good condition. In addition, sun exposure must be avoided as much as possible. Prolonged sun exposure not only aggravates melasma, it also limits the effectiveness of your treatment.


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