Sound and Safe Treatments

While we are at the forefront of medical aesthetic technologies and techniques, we adopt treatment approaches that boast reliability and consistency when it comes to safety. Twenty some years of medical experience on the part of Dr. Daniel Yip also adds to the equation. Dr. Daniel Yip shares his medical aesthetic experience as a column- writer in a local paper.      

Sublime Attitude and Ethics

You are the only reason why we are here. You are our only focus. We live to put a smile on your face, one at a time. 




The Center of Our Universe is YOU

We see you as a whole person. Your physical features, your underlying health, your psychology and even your finances all come to our minds when we custom-design your treatment packages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Confidence-Inspiring Track-Records

Our results speak for ourselves and our patients speak for us. We are proud to report that we still grow primarily through the age-old way of Word Of Mouth.                       


Our Partners


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