Body Contouring

Everyone desires an attractive body contour. It is unequivocal as to the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, many of us are still baffled by the stubborn bulges that continue to disrupt our curves.

For those who have done due diligence in lifestyle measures, they can get extra help from simple non-invasive office procedures to move closer to their goals.

A combination approach with inject-able medications and electrical modalities such as radio frequency can be the right finishing touch for our long desired perfect curves.

Our combination regimen can serve a number of purposes. First and foremost, it will help to reduce the thickness of our subcutaneous fat. For people whose predominant issue is skin laxity and wrinkling, namely, at the tummy area, the treatments can also help to tighten the skin and bring about an improvement to the wrinkles.

These treatments enjoy a low level of discomfort and boast minimal downtime.


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