Intravenous Therapy

Is aging an inevitable process?

We use up our bodies’ resources regularly and constantly. We consume energy, restore and repair biological functions in our organs and in our tissues, remove harmful waste, eliminate damaged cells, fight intruding microorganisms. These processes operate at an optimal level when we are young. As age becomes more advanced, our resources become depleted. The body and its functions enter a stage of disrepair. First comes deterioration. Then comes disease. 

Intravenous therapy provides the necessary ingredients to restore our much needed body resources, so our body functions can continue to run smoothly. Therapy of this type helps to reset the clock of aging.

Farsk Health in Ontario has different categories of Health Canada approved products that cater for specific needs:

  • ‘Energy’ for energy replenishment
  • ‘Boost’ to mildly boost our body’s stores of vitamins and minerals
  • ‘Immune’ to more completely replenish our stores, improve our repair and restorative functions
  • ‘Radiance’ has the right balance of amino acids for skin brightening

A combination approach in using these products weekly, biweekly, or monthly will help us in combating aging as well as refreshing our looks.


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