Wrinkle Relief and Facial Contour

Botulinum toxin mitigates the lines of stress, anger and other compulsive expressions on our face. Frown lines, Crow’s feet, Bunny lines, smoker’s lip lines and orange peel chin are but some examples. To some, Botulinum toxin is also a quick and easy way to achieve jaw-line slimming.

Dr. Yip also uses Botulinum toxin to help people with tension headaches, TMJ (temporal-mandibular joint) pain and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Our injection programs are custom-designed, so you will get what is best for your own need and intentions.

Filler injection can reverse the signs of aging in various ways. It can eliminate folds, grooves and wrinkles by way of filling. It can restore youthful contours for your face. It can also lift sagging areas, giving you a non-surgical face-lift.

With versatility in our filler inventory, using renowned brands Juviderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Teosyal, and Saypha, we will most certainly be able to meet your unique goals in facial reconstruction.

While filler injection effectively and quickly restores your reconstructive and restorative goals, it also boasts strong safety profiles and minimal downtime.


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