Mission Statement

"With delicate precision and utmost tenderness, and while being prudently mindful of you as the centre of your aesthetic concerns, we strive to bring out the natural beauty from within you."

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Confidence-Inspiring Track-Records

Our results speak for ourselves and our patients speak for us. We are proud to report that we still grow primarily through the age-old way of Word Of Mouth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Sound and Safe Treatments

While we are at the forefront of medical aesthetic technologies and techniques, we adopt treatment approaches that boast reliability and consistency when it comes to safety. Twenty some years of medical experience on the part of Dr. Daniel Yip also adds to the equation. Dr. Daniel Yip shares his medical aesthetic experience as a column- writer in a local paper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Dr. Yip is renowned for his MD Melasma Treatment Program

Dr. Yip’s MD Melasma Treatment regimen has produced success rates that are consistently higher than what has been presented in the medical literature.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Dr. Yip’s lipo-transfer and adipose stem-cell treatment is effective and cost-saving

Dr. Yip’s lipo-transfer and adipose stem-cell treatment when combined with Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is a very effective and economical form of filler. It produces full scale rejuvenation, including volume restoration, lifting, recontouring, textural improvement, skin toning and brightness improvement. The results are as if one has completed every single available skin care treatment in one session. Dr. Yip also possesses superb technical skills that make the treatment work.

  • I had every treatment that Dr. Yip had to offer. Injections, laser melasma treatments, Infini radiofrequency. Great results. Dr. Yip was very patient and also very compassionate. He is a very good doctor.


  • I had filler injections and lipo-transfer for my face. My whole face is rebuilt. The fat procedure was amazing. I had twenty-three ml. of fat. My face has nice now. The nasolababial fold is lifted. The chin is so much nicer. It is also so economical compared to filler price.

    G. M.

  • Dr. Yip cleared my melasma for me after twelve treatments. My melasma was very serious. I had treatments before in my country, they did not work. I am so happy that my face is clear now and I can now go out without make up.


  • Very thorough and informative consultation. I am very impressed. Will definitely follow through with Dr. Yip’s proposed treatments.

    May S.

  • Dr. Daniel Yip has been my family doctor for over a decade, and I eventually decided to visit his new business, attached to his family practice, for an aesthetics consultation. It was my first time meeting with a doctor for information about melasma and Botox, and I actually felt comfortable discussing my concerns. I eventually received treatment for my melasma, with very satisfying results, and will likely book an appointment for Botox in the near future. Yes- the wait times were notable- but I really do appreciate his approach as a doctor, and feel that the longer waiting times reflect his genuine concern for each client or patient and their individual needs. He doesn't rush for a reason, and I'm happy to wait for an appointment if it means I'll be treated with care and respect... which is the case with him.

    Client comment on Rate MDs.

  • "Dr. Daniel takes time with each of his patients. He is kind, warm, gentle, and caring. He is respectful and respectable. I value his compassion and his willingness to take the time with each of his patients to listen, understand, and explain. Because I know that Dr. Daniel treats his patients with concern and devotes extra time to each one, without making one feel rushed or pressured, I am content to wait a little extra time in his office waiting room for my appointment, if he is delayed, while he attends to other patients' needs."

    Client comment on Rate MDs.

  • "Dr. Daniel Yip is one of my favorite doctors that I have dealt with all my life. I have had a lot of health issues and is now 44 years old. As far as a medical doctor and an aesthetics specialist he is very thorough, takes the time to consult with you and does his job very well. I have moved to a different province now and I fly back to BC just for aesthetic work. He's worth every penny. I highly recommend him as a family doctor and/or for any of your aesthetic work. Excellent doctor."

    Client comment on Rate MDs.

  • “I had filler and laser treatment by Dr. Yip and have a great result! - he was very knowledgable,took his time and answered all of my questions. I've had similar treatment from other doctors before and that were not so great. I would recommend Dr. Yip to everyone that I know.”





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