Fat Transfer

What can be more natural and conservational than relocating fat from an area of excess to an area of need?

This procedure purports extracting fat cells and fat stem cells from the tummy area and place them into fat deprived locations in the face.

Fat tissue is removed from the tummy area by a simple patented syringe-based device. The extracted fatty tissue is processed or purified to separate fat cells and stem cells from fatty oil and blood cells. The purified fat cells and stem cells are then injected into the face just as in filler injections.

The injected mix will serve temporarily as filler. The stem cells will also initiate a rejuvenation process in the skin causing long term improvement in collagen content, tautness, texture and skin tone.

Adipose stem cells can also be injected into joints to facilitate cartilage and soft tissue repair; and into the scalp to facilitate follicle rejuvenation.

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