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What is Sculptra?

<span style="color: #000000; Cheap Oakleys font-family: Cambria; font-size: medium;">It is a one of a cheap football jerseys kind injectable for stimulating your own collagen production in the skin.

It consists of L-Poly-lactic cheap ray ban sungalsses acid that is reconstituted in sterile water. This is the same material as is routinely used in absorbable sutures for repairing skin incisions Cheap Jordan Sale in surgery.

With new Tara collagen production in the injected area, the skin will improve in thickness and tautness. Contour and sagginess will improve. The effect will last for two and a half years. In the long term, Sculptra nfl jerseys shop is more cost-effective than filler.

Sculptra can be injected on its own or in association with filler to achieve the above results.

The most remarkable is the ease of injection. The injection process is easier and faster than injecting filler, as the holding fluid is water.