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PRP Rejuvenation

Posted on: February 24,2015 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Also called the Vampire Lift, this technology uses natural resources, namely growth factors, in your own body for skin rejuvenation. While your body does all the work, our role is only to assist by relocating your body’s resource from a vein in your arm to strategic locations on your face where rejuvenation is needed.<br der /> This technology cheap nhl jerseys is natural, fast, innate and potent. You will feel your cheap nfl jerseys own growth factors at work as soon as they are relocated and results can be expected in a matter of months. PRP will achieve the most rejuvenation for you when combined with either Pixel (fractional laser resurfacing) or Infini (fractional radiofrequency). PRP jump-starts the repair process after cheap jordan shoes the Pixel or Infini initiates a controlled breakdown.
Expect to see improvement in texture, pore size, Cheap Jerseys fine lines, skin laxity and skin tone. Scars will also benefit from PRP.