Melasma is a skin condition that every woman wishes she does not have. It manifests as unsightly irregular, grey or brown patches on the face, causing dull and dusky skin tone. It makes the skin look unhealthy.
Dr. Yip has devised a proprietary melasma treatment regimen, which is the first of its kind in the treatment of melasma. The painless treatment regimen, which brilliantly employs the Spectral laser in a subtle manner, is able to achieve a success rate that is unprecedented, while maintaining insignificant downtime and not restricting daily activities.
For a number of years, using his unique proprietary melasma treatment regimen, Dr. Yip has put smiles back on the faces of many clients who have been inflicted with melasma. In most, the improvement has been significant. Invariably, this melasma treatment regimen will restore your skin to its natural lustre and luminance.

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